Origin Capital’s unique service helps people build wealth through smarter real estate investing—offering access to institutional-quality deals through a best-in-class investment portal. It is an ambitious endeavor, and they came to DK with ambitious goals…


They wanted to establish their firm as a leader in crowdfunded real estate investing; to launch their proprietary investment platform in a way that made the industry take notice; and to grow their investor base from dozens to thousands.


To achieve those goals, DK and Origin first developed a brand strategy that would underpin their growth—drawing insight from extensive category research, stakeholder and investor interviews, and co-creation workshops.

With that groundwork in place, we outlined Origin’s vision to give the brand a clear and urgent purpose. We created a positioning platform to clarify the brand’s value to investors, employees, partners and the media. We established the brand’s key messages and tied them to a communication and PR strategy. And we developed a boldly honest brand voice to inspire employees and investors.

From those foundational elements, we created a dynamic identity system that distinguishes Origin—everywhere from conference booths, to quarterly reports, to the web. We also created a persuasive new website to help turn prospects into investors, and a powerful new anthem film to build trust and confidence in the firm at scale.

Origin Capital Work

Origin Capital Website

Digital Kitchen created a dynamic new website to help turn prospects into investors.

Origin Capital Brand Film

Digital Kitchen created a powerful anthem film to inspire potential investors and build trust in Origin. View

Origin Capital Brand Identity

Digital Kitchen created a bold new brand identity to bring Origin’s old-school-meets-new-school story to life. View