For the resort's newest creation, Rose.Rabbit.Lie., The Cosmopolitan brought to life an entertainment experience like no other.


A night at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is an experience that is never the same twice. Anchored around the concept of “A Grand Social Experiment," the imagination and social participation of every guest is an integral part of the experience. The narrative for the club vaults guests from 1920 to 2019, by blending the classic past with the not-yet-here future. The Cosmopolitan lead the charge with help from DK to nurture this unique sensibility from concept to completion of the club. Together, we created a name, identity and marketing campaign geared toward each customer’s unique experience and imagination.

Curious Branding

Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is a place of curiosity, discovery and participation. The Cosmopolitan sought a name that conveyed a unique meaning to each person. Unlocked by three simple words, the name acts as a personal riddle or prophecy. This is a name tailored for the mind’s eye as guests are expected to build their own meaning.

The DK team created an iconic, timeless identity loaded with hidden meaning and story. A key loosely conveys membership and exclusivity. The rose element is evolved from a term “sub rosa” meaning secret or confidential, while the three turns in the key coincide with the triplet name and intertwined dining, drink and entertainment concepts, signaling that all rules are off and anything can happen.

Marketing in Disguise

A series of highly unconventional, non-linear short stories were produced by DK for digital and theatrical distribution. Any sense time remains warped, toggling seamlessly from 1920 and 2019, and audiences are set free to imagine and interpret meaning into every moment, making good on the promise of the Rose. Rabbit. Lie. experience.

The Cosmopolitan worked with DK and partners at Fallon to concept a print placement in Esquire and Vanity Fair. Within the square pages of the magazine we placed an invitation to join the “Grand Social Experiment.” A multi-page booklet called “The Social Pages”, featured mysterious type redacted page by page to leave a coded message meant to be discovered at the back of the article. Inside, a colorful and visually stunning manifesto brings forth a key human truth—we are all social creatures.

Future Past Brought to Life

In support of the concept that takes guest from 1920 to 2019, the team conceived, designed and installed a custom larger-than-life living triptych as a centerpiece installation in the Rose.Rabbit.Lie. dining room. Based on Hieronymus Bosch’s iconic painting “Garden of Earthly Delights” the scenes of earth and beyond are vibrantly brought to life based on technology best known from 1970’s beer signage. The result is a delightful and visually stunning mash up of forgotten Midwestern beer sign technology with a mad and mischievous landscape created centuries ago. The center of the installation is also adorned with the iconic Rose.Rabbit.Lie.’s brand mark, 3D printed in solid metal and plated in gold.

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