With a striking brand identity and customizable digital tools, we helped The Chelsea set the stage for the world’s biggest headliners.

The Chelsea is The Cosmopolitan’s premiere event and performance space.

After helping define The Chelsea’s grit-meets-glamour brand identity, we took on the challenge of creating a digital content package that stands out in the ultra-competitive, visual battleground known as The Strip.

Our solution was an easy-to-update system of motion graphic templates that can be tailored to individual artists and that work on screens of any size, from digital billboards to vertical columns to 16 x 9 monitors.

To create the templates, we scoured The Chelsea looking for interesting architectural details to use as textural backgrounds. We also developed a set of bold transitions that can be customized for the artist being showcased.

Backgrounds, graphics and motion work together seamlessly to capture the vintage spirit of The Chelsea and provide a simple, powerful way to promote world-class performances.

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