Brooks Running Company has been a pillar of the athletic community for the last century, but truly found it’s stride when focusing on one sport and one sport alone: running. As category experts, the brand carved out its niche both in product and personality. Poised for breakout success, Brooks identified the need to amplify their presence in the digital space. In an effort to increase the number of Brooks runners as well as fuel runners’ love of Brooks, the brand partnered with Digital Kitchen as their first Digital AOR.


As a challenger brand in a category of giants, Brooks had their work cut out for them. In order to increase awareness and drive runner demand, Brooks and DK must define new strategic territory and creative solutions. To grow brand and sales in the digital space, our challenge was to think outside the shoebox.


As storytellers of every medium, DK is leveraging it’s unique approach to content and digital technology to connect with runners in human, unexpected ways. Always reflecting and supporting the Brooks’ brand point of view: Run Happy.

Brooks Running Work

Social Campaigns

To help Brooks bolster their digital presence at running events, DK created a series of social campaigns merging digital content with real-world experiences.